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  • Running for elected office has never been a personal or professional goal for Alicia. But as an Ewa Beach resident, strong representation at the State Capitol is critical to ensuring that resources support growth in the district. Whether it's funding for schools and infrastructure or policies affecting taxes and housing, residents need a voice that will fight for the people of Ewa Beach.

  • The path to elected office is not a traditional one: Alicia has been an active and engaged resident of Ewa Beach committed to community service. But compassion cannot be legislated. Giving a voice to those who are otherwise unable to speak for themselves is her motivation. Ewa Beach deserves better.

Alicia with Ikaika

The Best of Both Worlds

Balancing Work and Life

  • Alicia Maluafiti was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, the daughter of an Italian mother, Joan Adele Mancini, and a Native Hawaiian father, Douglas Kawilamakaokalani Chan. Doug played football at Willamette University, while Joan interned at the Oregon State Hospital to complete her nursing program.
  • Despite a 3,000 mile distance between Oregon and Hawaii, Alicia enjoyed a cultural smorgasbord growing up with weekly Sunday dinners of homemade spaghetti and meatballs in Oregon, and summer breaks in Hawaii eating poi and laulau with cousins.
  • Alicia’s paternal grandparents, Libert Chan and Hazel Mahukona, were one of the first families to receive Hawaiian homestead in Papakolea in the 1940s which eventually became the second home for Alicia when she moved to Hawaii in 1986. Living in Papakolea around a large extended family, Alicia was thrust into the Hawaiian renaissance with an auntie actively fighting for the betterment of Native Hawaiians.
  • Alicia quickly followed in the basketball officiating footsteps of her two uncles – David Koko Mahukona and Melvin Chan, who started the State Association of Hawaii Basketball Officials (SAHBO). Koko was well known locally for officiating the University of Hawaii basketball games of the “Fab 5” and taking on visiting coaches from the mainland unhappy with the Hawaiian basketball referee.
  • With a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Economics from Portland State University, Alicia started an 11-year career in Community and Government Relations at the Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA) where she met and later married Saua Maluafiti. Looking to put down their own roots and raise a family, they bought a home in Ewa Beach in 1998 in Gentry Sun Terra and joined thousands of residents in the daily rush hour commute to town.


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